We invite you to participate in the Third Residency of Khitruk Animation Art Academy arranged within the framework of the AUTEUR ANIMATION AS ART project.

The artistic advisor of the third RESIDENCY, a well-known master of animation, production designer, and director ELIZAVETA SKVORTSOVA, sees the place and the purpose of the residency as an “ASSEMBLAGE POINT” (tochka sborki).

“We are now living through a difficult time. What we’d like to find and encapsulate in the film is an image of how to preserve and restore ourselves, to assemble pieces into a whole, countering the process of decay with creation”. Elizaveta will be assisted by IVAN BONDARENKO and MARIA SAVENKOVA.

What we expect from you in your application:

-a link to your creative portfolio (any work that can be read/watched/listened to without downloading);

-a motivation letter – why you want to take part in the residency.

Send your works for the Residency contest to:

ELIZAVETA SKVORTSOVA (director, scriptwriter, production designer)

Elizaveta graduated from an art school in Moscow and the Arts Faculty of Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (computer graphics and animation workshop by A.M. Gorlenko and V.P. Kolesnikova).
In 2000-2002, she worked as an artist at Mir Detstva LLC.
Since 2001, Elizaveta has been teaching an experimental animation course at a school. She has created over 30 films and was among those who inspired and carried out the Lullabies from Around the World animation project.

Elizaveta was once asked what advice she would give to children who wanted to become animators: where to start, how to progress? The master replied: “I would advise them to take up dancing in order to better feel their body. This will make it easier to comprehend and draw movement in animation.”

This is what the Museum of Cinema once wrote about Liza: “Years of study, seeking out her own style, slow and painstaking work on films where a minute of screen time can take months to create, and after all this, rare screenings at festivals and wide popularity only in narrow animation circles. Due to the specifics of animation production and distribution in Russia, domestic animators who have not deviated from the path become famous and popular after thirty at best. In this context, it looks like a miracle and a rare success that Elizaveta Skvortsova, by chance and undoubtedly thanks to her talent, immediately after graduating from the computer graphics and animation workshop by A. Gorlenko and V. Kolesnikova at the Arts Faculty of Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, got the opportunity to lead the production of a large-scale animation project titled Lullabies from Around the World, a unique series with more than 50 episodes… “

This is the third Residency of the Academy. The first one took place in the summer of 2021 in Tarusa and was called Stop-Motion. You can learn all about it on the page of the Residency at

The second one, The Ural Residency, was held in April 2022 in Yekaterinburg.

brings together auteur animation schools and studios, leading and young animators, friends, and fans in a variety of podcasts, the purpose of which is in tune with the cultural policy of the state in the field of childhood and youth – creating conditions for the self-realisation of young people. And this is what we do…

AUTEUR ANIMATION AS ART is a project of Khitruk Animation Art Academy, carried out with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives.

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