SNEGA Film Company

Office 612
145 Mamin-Sibiryak St.,
Yekaterinburg, 620075
Tel/fax (343) 380 — 50 — 81

SNEGA Film Company LLC was established in 2003. The main focus area of the company is producing feature, animation, and documentary films. During its existence, the company has created just short of a hundred feature films, cartoons, and documentaries, and has received over 140 prizes and awards at domestic and international film festivals and competitions, including: Germany – Grand Prix of the Schlingel Festival for Best Children’s Film, Iran – Best Child Actor, China – Best Child Actor, Greece – UNICEF Award, Ukraine – Grand Prix, Russia – Grand Prix, and 50 more awards at major film festivals.
SNEGA’s fiction films The Last Time Playing With Dolls and Twelfth Summer deal with the problems of moral choice, and the formation of a teenager’s personality. They gained success at various domestic and international film festivals:
Georgy Negashev, director of The Last Time Playing With Dolls, has been a jury member at the International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Iran two years in a row.
When working on documentary films, SNEGA aims to capture the history of a country through the deeds and fates of its people.
The geography of filming is truly limitless: the protagonists live in Kamchatka and Yakutia, in Hurghada and Florence, in big cities and tiny villages.
Various events transpire in their lives – victories and defeats, conflicts and reconciliations, joys and sorrows. The individuals’ “trials and tribulations” are captured in a variety of genres: dramas, comedies, journalistic essays, reports, ethnographic studies, etc. Many of them have received high professional recognition at Russian and international festivals.
One special line of work of the company is the genre of documentary series. Several episodes of The Ural Film Chronicle (Kinoletopis Urala) are devoted to topical issues of the Ural Federal District: demography, food security, and the competitive ability of the economy.
The Great Rivers of Siberia tells us about the present day condition of the unique national heritage areas – the rivers Ob, Yenisei, Angara, Amur, Lena, Ural, Irtysh, and Biryusa.
Due to the territorial coverage, which allows to capture the reality of the most remote corners of our country, the SNEGA documentaries contribute to the preservation of the cultural values and traditions of the peoples of Russia.
The animated films of the SNEGA Film Company are, first and foremost, films for young viewers.
There are both acclaimed masters and debutants among the SNEGA creators. Young talented filmmakers strive to join the ranks of the masters as quickly as possible. With each new film, they are getting closer to this goal, because SNEGA invests is young people, nurturing them to raise a new generation of filmmakers.
Young creators are immediately immersed in the atmosphere of high creative voltage. The very fact that such acclaimed professionals as cinematographer Irina Uralskaya, artist Oksana Cherkasova, composer Alexei Rybnikov are involved in the same project as the beginners raises the bar of commitment to the limit. This is the only way to create something real. SNEGA Film Company has experience in organizing practical vocational training for young people, actively cooperates with vocational schools to provide practical training. Every year, SNEGA offers internship positions to students of the Film and Television Faculty of the Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University.