Education. Teaching the art of animation:

  • Creation of teaching aids and educational video programs that summarize the experience of domestic and foreign film schools. Drawing up curricula and other tools of the educational process;
  • Creation of retraining courses and professional development of industry specialists;
  • Creation of Schools (Courses) for the preparation of teachers, animation teachers, incl. work in other regions;
  • Creation of Branches (Representative Offices) mobile and stationary, incl. abroad;
  • Collaboration with other animation schools. Dissemination, development of a unique methodology of art (creative) education; Conducting master classes in specialized educational institutions, children animation studios, at festivals, etc.;
  • Creation of online lessons by leading masters of animation (directors, film critics, artists, screenwriters, animators);
  • Information and resource support for the activities of the Laboratory.

Preservation of heritage:

  • Preservation of heritage; Creation of a film and photo archive of author animation;
  • Creation of an internet platform for author animation based on the portal;
  • Creation and subsequent update of the Academy website;
  • Social networks;
  • Information and resource support for the activities of the Laboratory.

Expert Laboratory:

  • Expertise – an independent assessment of works of art in animation;
  • Development of animation art. Research activities, analytical work. Conducting seminars, round tables. Sociological research, etc.;
  • Animation “doctor” (Master – Mentor). Consulting. Patronage of projects, etc.;
  • Film Critics’ workshop;
  • Editors’ workshop;
  • International F.S. Khitruk’s Prize;
  • Information and resource support for the activities of the Laboratory.

Production Laboratory:

  • Joint projects. Development and implementation of joint film projects with various studios;
  • Creation of films about outstanding animation artists, films on the history of animation, etc.; Creation of thematic almanacs, educational films, etc.
  • Conducting a Competition of screenwriters (Together with the Expert Laboratory);
  • Pitches for debutants (in cooperation with the Expert Laboratory);
  • Information and resource support of the laboratory.

Publishing activity:

  • Publication collections of film studies; Collections of articles on the history of animation;
  • Illustrated albums (calendars) based on author animation films (not only frompast years, but also new ones), etc.

Educational programs. Popularization of Russian author animation as a type of contemporary art:

  • Educational activity; Programs for youth, children and adults; Organization of lectures, screenings, discussions in libraries, museums, film clubs, childrenanimation studios, schools, etc.;
  • Preparation of information programs on author animation and the inclusion of these programs in out-of-competition screenings at Russian film festivals;
  • International film festivals. Cooperation with international partners;
  • Program on author animation on the Kultura TV channel;
  • Constant presence at Kultura.rf website.

Cooperation, Partnership, Association:

  • Interaction with public authorities:
  • * Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation – production and promotion;
    * Moscow Government – creative projects in Moscow;
    * Moscow Region Government creative projects in Moscow Region cities;
    * Grants – creative projects in the regions;
    * Protecting the interests of the community and individual artists working in the Author’s Animation. Legal assistance;

  • Collaboration with: leading institutions and prominent figures of culture and art, incl. the State Pushkin Museum, Z. Tsereteli Academy of Arts, Multimedia Art Museum, “Stanislavsky” Electrotheatre, “Strelka” Institute of Contemporary Architecture, etc.; Joint projects, supervision, patronage.
  • Collaboration with investors, patrons, sponsors.