The “Pilot” is a Russian animation studio based in Moscow. It was founded in 1988 by a director Aleksandr Tatarsky, an artist Igor Kovalyov and an art critic Anatoliy Prokhorov, eventually becoming the first private animation studio in the Soviet Union.

Until his death in 2007, Alexander Tatarsky, who by that time had become an Honored Art Worker of Russia, was the permanent Artistic Director of the Studio.
Within the walls of the “Pilot” dozens of animated films and animated series have been created.

A subsidiary of the studio called “Pilot-TV” is also well known. It is engaged in animation film projects for television using three-dimensional figures. Among its famous symbols are “the Pilot Brothers” (Chief and Colleague).

In thirty years of its existence, the “Pilot” Studio has received more than 600 awards and diplomas at the most prestigious international and Russian film festivals, including such as “Golden Eagle” and “Nika”. Films of the “Pilot” Studio became laureates at the “White Elephant Festival”, winners at the Hiroshima International Film Festival, Zlin Film Festival, “CINANIMA” International Animation Film Festival in Portugal, Stuttgart Animated Film Festival and many others.
Many famous directors have worked with the Pilot Studio in different years: Rinat Gazizov, Konstantin Bronzit, Mikhail Aldashin, Valery Kachaev, Igor Kovalev, Andrey Sokolov, Natalia Berezovaya and many others.

The studio’s authorship belongs to the largest project in the history of Russian animation “Mountain of Gems”, where each animation film is a fairy tale of one of the peoples of Russia. The project has become a multiple winner at Russian and international animation festivals.

Another major studio project is “Multi-Russia”, a series of one-minute plasticine videos about different regions of the country.
The “Pilot” Animation Studio became famous for its work in the implementation of new technologies: projects on the Internet, computer games, television broadcasts.

To this day, new technologies are being introduced at the “Pilot” in the work with the author festival films, advertising and music videos, and serial television animation films, which help to speed up production process without deviating a single step from the high standard of the studio’s quality, which has been recognized for decades.

Pilot Studio