Maria Andreevna Muat

Maria Andreevna Muat

Film director, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation
Laureate and Academician of the “Nika” Academy of Cinematic Arts
Member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation

Born in Moscow.
In 1975, Muat graduated from the Directing Faculty at GITIS (Obraztsov workshop).
In 1976, Maria began to work in the puppet association at the “Multtelefilm” Studio, where, in 1979, she made her debut as a film director.

As a film director Muat worked at the studios “Sozmultfilm” and “Animos”.
She took part in international projects of the S4C channel: “Shakespeare: The Animated Tales” (“Twelfth Night” (1992)) and “The tales of the World” (“The Crown and the Scepter” (1999)).

In 2006, Maria Muat together with Vladimir Golovanov founded the “Pchela” Animation Studio, where she is a film director and Artistic Director. She created at this Studio “He and She”, “Not a Sorrow Story”, “Snowstorm”, “The Tale of the Christmas Tree”.
Maria Muat is the author of twenty-five animated puppet films, many of which have been awarded prizes and diplomas of Russian and international film festivals.

Selected filmography:

• 1979 “Uncle Au in the City”
• 1985-1988 TV series “KOAPP”
• 1988 “The Loving Crow”
• 1992 “Twelfth Night”
• 1996 “Kings and Cabbage”
• 2002 “Zheltukhin”
• 2006 “Snegurochka”
• 2008 “He and She”
• 2010 “Snowstorm”
• 2011 “The Tale of the Christmas Tree”