Valentin Yurievich Telegin

Valentin Yurievich Telegin

Co-owner and member of the Arts Council of the “Pilot” Animation Studio
Laureate of international and domestic film festivals
Member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia
Laureate of the National Film Award “Golden Eagle”
Two-time “Nika” Award nominee

Born in 1958.
Parents – Yuri Mikhailovich Telegin (1930-1973) – electrical engineer, Maya Aleksandrovna Telegina (Korolyova) (1935-1969) – economist, amateur artist.
Married to Natalya Vladimirovna Lukinykh – film critic, author of publications and expert in animation, film historian, documentary filmmaker. Telegin’s son Yuri is a manufacturing entrepreneur.
In 1977, Valentin Telegin graduated from the Moscow Topographic Polytechnic with a degree in Geodesy, and, in 1989, Courses for animators at the “Multtelefilm” Studio.

1976-1977, Telegin worked as a layout designer at the Bureau of Artistic Aesthetics of Zelenograd.
1977-1979, served in the military.
1979-1983, worked as a lighting designer at the educational film studio of VGIK.
1986-1989, artist at the “Multtelefilm” Studio.
From 1989 to the present, Telegin has been working at the “Pilot” Animation Studio.

Telegin repeatedly worked in selection commissions and juries of various film festivals in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal.
One of the authors of the “Mountain of Gems” project – a cycle of animated films based on the fairy tales of peoples living in Russia today.
Winner of the “Silver Dove” at the Dok Leipzig Film Festival (Germany) for the films “The Surveyor” (1995) and “The Red Gate Rasemon” (2003), the “Golden Eagle” National Award (2005), “The White Elephant” Award of the Russian Guild of Film Critics (2006) and etc.
Professional credo: “Not archaic, but tradition. Not modernization, but continuity.”


Director and production designer:

• 2010 “Dog Master”
• 2013 “The Soldier and the Bird”
• 2014 “About the soldier”
• 2017 “Sailor Pyotr Koshka”

Production designer and co-director (with D. Naumov):

• 1989 “Elevator 1, 2”
• 1990 “About Matvey Kuzmich”
• 1990 “It is raining”
• 1990 “Bear – Phony Leg”
• 1991 “Visitor”
• 1993 “The Castle”
• 1995 “The Surveyor”
• 1996 “In the Doldrums”

Production designer and co-director (with A. Tatarsky):

• 2002 “The Red Gate Rasemon”
• 2004 “Interpretation of Dreams”
• 2004 “The Tsar and the Weaver”
• 2004 “How Pan Was a Knight”

Production designer of films from the series “Mountain of Gems”:

• 2004 “Sheydulla lazy”
• 2006 “Big Rooster”
• 2006 “Naughty Bear”
• 2007 “Hare-Servant”
• 2012 “A Bun and a Bird”
• 2015 “Two short tales”