Oksana Leontievna Cherkasova

Oksana Leontievna Cherkasova

Film director, screenwriter
Professor of USAAA
Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation in culture and art
Laureate of the Russian Federation Government Prize
Laureate of the Governor’s Prize of the Russian Federation
Member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation
Member of the Union of Designers
Academician of the Academy of Cinematic Arts “Nika”
Expert of the National Animation Award “Ikar”

Born in Norilsk.
In 1976 graduated from the design faculty of the Sverdlovsk Architecture Institute. Then she worked at the Institute of Technical Aesthetics, and at the Sverdlovsk Film Studio as an artist and assistant director.
With the film group she visited many parts of the former USSR.
1979 – 1981, Cherkasova studied at the Higher Courses for Screenwriters and Film Directors in Moscow (workshop of F. Khitruk, Y. Norshtein).
1981 – 2002, she worked at the Sverdlovsk film studio, and at the Studio “A – FILM” as a director and animator.
Since 1991 Cherkasova has been engaged in folk theater at the “Art Etude” Gymnasium No. 1 in Yekaterinburg.
Since 2002 Cherkasova has been teaching at the USAAA. And since 2004 she has been the head of the Graphics and Animation Faculty at the Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Architecture.

• 1986 “Kutkh and the Mouse”
• 1987 “The Wingless Gosling”
• 1989 “Let Bygones be Bygones”
• 1992 “The Cuckoo’s Nephew”
• 1995 “Nyurka’s Bath”
• 1999 “Yours Pushkin”
• 2002 “The Man from the Moon”
• 2007 “Antonio Vivaldi” in the cycle “Tales of the Old Piano”
• 2012 “Gourmet Notes”
• 2015 “Kupava”

Jury work at festivals:
(with retrospective screening of all author’s films)
• Dresden (Germany) – VII International Short Film Festival 1995.
• Oberhausen (Germany) – 42 International Short Film Festival 1996.
• Baden (Switzerland) – “Fantosh” International Animation Film Festival 1997.
• Dresden (Germany) – X International Short Film Festival 1998.
• Krakow (Poland) – “Etude” IFF debuts 1997.
• Tarusa (Russia) – Open Russian Animation Film Festival 1999.
• Kiev (Ukraine) – “CROC” IFF Animation Films 1999.
• Utrecht (Holland) – Advertising IFF 2000.
• Zagreb (Croatia) – IFF Animation Films 2002.
• Moscow (Russia) – IFF “Goldfish” 2003.
• Trebon (Czech Republic) – IFF “Anifest” 2008.
• Stuttgart (Germany) – IFF “Stuttgart” 2009.
• G. Bratislava (Slovakia) – IFF “Babiena” 2011.
• Krakow (Poland) – IFF in Krakow 2012.
• Suzdal (Russia) – IFF chairman of the jury 2018.
• Hiroshima (Japan) – IFF “Hiroshima” 2018.
• Moscow – Kazan (Russia) – IFF “KROK” 2018.

Teaching activities:
• Master class at the “Fantosh” Animation Film Festival, Baden (Switzerland) 1997.
• Course “Author animation” at the University of Krakow at the Faculty of Animation Films 1997.
• Master class at the “Siberia” Festival, Valence (France) at the animation college “Pudrier” 2000.
• Master class in the animation studio “Folimage”, Lyon (France) 2000.
• Master class at the international conference “Animation as a cultural phenomenon” VGIK, Moscow 2005.
• Master class at the IFF “Anifest” (Czech Republic) 2008.
• Master class at the Stuttgart International Film Festival (Germany) 2009.
• Master class at the Academy of Arts (AAAL) in Lucerne (Switzerland) 2010.
• Master class at the IFF “Babiena” (Slovakia) 2011.
• Master class at the School-studio “SHAR” (Russia) 2013.
• Master class at the School-studio “SHAR” (Russia) 2018.
• Master class at the “Hiroshima” IFF (Japan) 2018.
• Master class at the “Nikozi” IFF (Georgia) 2018.

Methodical developments:
The methodological development “From winter to autumn” (authors: S.V. Dubovik and O.L. Cherkasova) received a certificate from the Ministry of Culture of the Sverdlovsk region. A certificate of an educational and methodological center for primary and secondary professional art education. It was awarded a 1st degree Diploma at the regional competition of methodological projects in 2000.
Methodical development “Round dances of Russia”, 2005.