Konstantin Eduardovich Bronzit

Konstantin Eduardovich Bronzit

Director, Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation
Laureate of the RF Presidential Prize of the in the field of literature and art
Nika Award Winner, two-time Oscar nominee
Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Bronzit was born on 12 April 1965 in Leningrad.
In 1983, he graduated from Ioganson Art School at Repin Academy of Fine Arts.
In 1992, he completed the evening course at the Design Faculty of Mukhina Leningrad Higher School of Art and Design.
From 1985 to 1991, Bronzit worked at Lennauchfilm Studio.
From 1993 to 1997, he worked at Pilot, a Moscow animation studio (under artistic advisor Aleksandr Tatarsky).
In 1995, Bronzit graduated from the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors (Fyodor Khitruk’s workshop).
Bronzit currently works as a director at Melnitsa, a Saint Petersburg animation studio.
Winner of numerous awards at film festivals, French César Award nominee (2001), two-time Oscar Award nominee (2010 and 2016).



• 1988 “The Round-About” (“Karusel”), in Very Small Tragedies
• 1991 Cuboroid
• 1991 Don’t Digress!
• 1991 Take Care of Your Teeth
• 1993 Fare-Well
• 1993 Tuk-Tuk
• 1993 Chew! (Perezhyovyvay!)
• 1994 Pacifier
• 1995 Switchcraft
• 1996 Memento Mori
• 1996 Die Hard
• 1998 At the Ends of the Earth
• 2002 There Was an Old Lady
• 2003 The God
• 2004 This Is the House That Jack Built
• 2004 “The Cat and the Fox” (Mountain of Gems television series)
• 2004 Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin the Dragon
• 2007 Lavatory Lovestory
• 2009 The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
• 2014 We Can’t Live Without Cosmos
• 2018 Three Heroes and the Heiress to the Throne
• 2019 He Can’t Live Without Cosmos

Artistic advisor:
• 2003 Little Longnose